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Published : March 7, 2018

Ali Baba Reveals He Was Once A Bus Conductor


2 years, 2 months

Veteran stand up comedian,Ali Baba has gone down the memory lane to recount the odd jobs he did, as he talked about his 30 years experience in the Nigerian entertainment industry

While speaking in an interview with Channels TV,he talked about his profession, its ugly side and how he stumbled upon being a comedian by accident.

Ali Baba who revealed that he was once a bus conductor and occasionally used his father’s car to convey people to their respective destinations as a taxi-driver, had described himself as a husband comic, writer, photographer, poet, artist, artiste, actor, motivational speaker, MC and talk show host. He recounted odd jobs he did, as he talked about his 30 years experience in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

He said in the interview;

“I have been a paddler, and a paddler works for people who have bakeries. He’s the guy that takes that paddle, puts it in the oven to check if the bread is ‘done’ or not. I’ve been a Miller, and a miller is not the one that mixes the flour, he’s the one that puts the flour through the mill and he checks to see that it is properly done. I have done all of those two. And I’ve loaded sand before, 80 pans takes about 1182 shovels; and we dig from where you have water, so you dig from the stream and it makes it heavier. You stand in the water, put your shovel in and then throw.

I’ve loaded bottles before in Super Bock. I have been a bus conductor before, from Ramah park back to Ogbaazu (in Delta State). I had my dad’s Toyota Crown. I will take the car for washing and I would do kabu-kabu (taxi), bribe him by coming with all the newspapers and put on the table”.

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